Hardcore Sports HERS Female Factor

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This product is discontinued. Please try LLL Adrenalize or Prime Woman instead. HCS™ HardcoreHERS™ provides women with level, consistent energy while combatting stubborn body fat. This product is formulated with the female hormonal balance in mind, incinerating the problem areas over time without diminishing the body’s natural ability to lean out without supplements in the future.*

HardcoreHERS™ blends appetite moderating compounds with premium stimulants to allow you to maintain the caloric deficit you need to melt fat away while taking in enough protein and other good nutrition to build muscle. HardcoreHERS™ stacks well with Prime Max™ to create an incredible muscle building and fat blasting powerhouse. In addition to the thermal effects, It targets higher neurological function, with nootropic elements geared towards improving cognitive performance and preventing toxin formation. This is the product that will take you to both your physical and mental peak.*