Anabolic Warfare Maniac Pre-Workout

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Anabolic Warfare Maniac Pre-Workout

Anabolic Warfare Maniac is in a league of its own. A separate class from the other industry pre-workouts. Packed with the highest quality raw ingredients, this product delivers with no questions asked. Increases performance, boosts strength. Promotes laser-focus, intense energy and sleeve splitting pumps. If you’re looking for an all-in-one pre-workout with no BS, look no further.


Maniac Benefits:
  • Improves fitness levels and overall performance
  • Increases strength and hypertrophy
  • Stimulates vein bulging pumps
  • Promotes mental focus and clarity
  • Delivers long-lasting energy
  • Boosts thermogenesis


Maniac Ingredient Breakdown:

L-Citrulline & Citrulline Silicate -  promotes amazing pumps that everyone loves!

Beta-Alanine– for endurance and strength. Perform harder, longer

Creatine Nitrate– improves energy production and endurance

Caffeine –provides long-lasting energy, heightens performance

Teacrine – produces mental clarity and energy. Improves motivation and mood

Lion’s Main – holds neuroprotective and nootropic qualities