Black Label Nutrition Pheni-Chill

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Black Label Nutrition Pheni-Chill

Black Label Nutrition Pheni-Chill is far from a one trick pony. It lessens anxiety, improving mental focus and clarity. This relaxation aide is also ideal for sleep, allowing you to fall asleep faster while enhancing your sleep quality.  It’s main ingredient, Phenibut, is very similar to the well-known neurotransmitter, GABA. It has been used for medical purposes for years with great success. Supporting relaxation and increasing overall brain functioning. 


Black Label Nutrition Pheni-Chill Benefits:
  • Promotes relaxation and decreases anxiety
  • Might assist people who stutter
  • Eases a restless mind before bed, helping you fall asleep faster
  • A great aide for overall sleep quality, wake up refreshed
  • May also increase physical performance and strength
  • Supports cognitive functioning


What is Phenibut & Why Is It Effective?

Phenebit has been a used for medicinal purposes in Russa since the 1960s. Derived from GABA, its makeup is very similar. Although, its more easily absorbed than GABA, making it very effective. It’s thought to hold a host of purposes including decreasing anxiety, supporting sleep, enhancing focus and concentration, provides nootropic benefits, and more…



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