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Are you one of many who struggle from lack of energy or stamina during a workout? If so, this product is perfect for you! Nibiru uses a potent multi ingredient blend (Nibiru Matrix) to target mental focus, promote blood flow and lessen muscle fatigue. The ingredients below are used to boost your workout!



L-Citrulline - promotes overall pump and fullness

Beta Alanine -  decreases muscle fatigue

Taurine -  aids in ingredient absorption and uptake

Caffeine -  for that much needed boost of energy

GBBgo -  increases sweat

Cholinance -  a tri blend choline for neurological support and focus


How To Take Eclipse Labz Nibiru Pre-Workout:

The recommendation is ½ a scoop to one full scoop depending on your tolerance. If you have never taken Nibiru, start with ½ a scoop to gauge your tolerance. Look under the suggested use for recommendations on all of our products!



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