Foxy Fit Beauty Rest

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Foxy Fit Beauty Rest

Foxy Fit Beauty Rest was made with hardworking women in mind! Whether you’re a mom who needs some sleep after a long day with kids or a working woman in need of rest after a stressful work day or intense gym session…this is the product for you! Helping calm you before bed, allowing for deep, restful sleep. Plus, improved sleep quality without waking up lethargic the following morning.  Can’t forget the added ingredients to boost metabolism and burn fat while you are sleeping Yes, you read that right…sleep and burn fat at the same time! Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day ahead!


Foxy Fit Beauty Rest Benefits:
  • Delivers calmness and tranquility before bed
  • Achieve deep, restful sleep
  • Encourages healthy sleep cycle
  • Improved sleep quality, wake up refreshed
  • Boost metabolism and burn body fat
  • Brings antioxidant support


Foxy Fit Beauty Rest Ingredient Breakdown:

Melatonin ­– helps induce natural sleep cycle and promotes relaxation before bed

L-Carnitine - boosts the metabolism and burns fat, also improves mental

Raspberry Ketones– may increase metabolic rate and provide energy support

Valerian Root – assists in helping relaxation and calmness

Turmeric Root - holds antioxidant and wellness properties

Hydrolyzed Collagen– for healing and anti-aging qualities



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