Foxy Fit Essential Balance

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Foxy Fit Essential Balance

Foxy Fit Essential Balance is a girl’s best friend! Say goodbye to weight gain, fatigue and moodiness caused by hormonal imbalances. This daily essential will help restore the balance of those hormones, Resulting in improved mood, more energy and a fast-acting metabolism. Not to mention your glowing complexion and healthy hair & nails.  A product made for YOU with ingredients that work. BALANCE is here!

Foxy Fit Essential Balance Benefits:
  • Balances female hormones
  • Promotes sense of well-being and better mood
  • Enhances hair, skin and nail health
  • Improves insulin sensitivity & metabolic rate
  • Helps regulate menstrual cycle
  • Heightens immune system functioning


Foxy Fit Essential Ingredient Breakdown:

Biotin – stimulates healthier hair growth, radiating skin, and stronger nails

Chromium TRAACs – enhances insulin sensitivity and metabolism

Myo-Inositol –  helps regulate menstrual cycle

L-glutathione – fights oxidative stresses, supports immune system functioning and liver detoxification  

Diindolylmethane – assists in healthy hormonal balance

Alpha-lipoic acid  - helps support healthy blood sugar levels and lessens inflammation



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