Iron Muscle Creatine w/Dextrose

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Iron Muscle Creatine w/ Dextrose

Iron Muscle CREA 5X is the best of both worlds. Combining premium creatine with quality Dextrose to boost absorption and improve uptake. Delivering strength, size, and unmatched stamina. Not to mention energy and overall muscle fullness.


What Makes This Combination So Effective?

Let’s start with Dextrose. A simple sugar that is identical in chemical structure to glucose. After carbs are consumed, they are broken down and they are transported to cells for energy production. Dextrose has been used by athletes for decades to rapidly boost insulin levels post workout. Helping shuttle amino acids into your muscles to begin the recovery process. Also, restoring lost glycogen levels. Side by side, both creatine and dextrose work synergistically to improve each other’s absorption and overall performance.


Iron Muscle Creatine w/Dextrose Benefits:
  • Greater strength, size and muscular development

  • Heightened absorption and bioavailability

  • Improved post-workout recovery

  • Restores glycogen levels & ATP

  • Increases stamina and total performance

  • 5g of creatine & 5g of dextrose per serving. 50 servings per container.



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