Optitune Synergy Mixable Multi-Vitamin Powder

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Optitune Synergy™ Mixable Multi-Vitamin Powder is a delicious beverage providing vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and more. Added antioxidants, whole good greens, and digestive enzymes. Optimize your functional health. A great alternative to those hard-to-swallow multivitamins. Simply mix in and drink.


Opitune Synergy Mixable Multi-Vitamin Powder Benefits:

  • Full range of micronutrients to support health
  • Boosts overall wellness
  • Antioxidants, greens & fruits
  • Additional phytonutrients
  • Amazing flavors


How To Take Optitune Synergy Multi-Vitamin Powder:

Use Synergy for Him™ as a dietary supplement. For optimal absorption, take ½ serving (1 capsule) with breakfast and ½ serving (1 capsule) with dinner.


Optitune Synergy Mixable Multi-Vitamin Powder Ingredient Breakdown

Vitamin A –supports vision & immune system function

Vitamin C -  supports immunity, helps rid body of free radicals

Vitamin D – for healthy bones and teeth

Vitamin E – powerful antioxidant

Thiamin– aids in the function of neurons

Riboflavin – for skin, hair, and nail health

Niacin– improves blood flow and circulation

Biotin – for glycogen synthesis

Pantothenic Acid –helps control cholesterol levels

Boron  -holds anti-inflammatory properties

Green Tea –increase fat oxidation

Saw Palmetto Extract –promotes a healthy prostate



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