Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Muscle Toner

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Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Muscle Toner was designed to help people maintain muscle, while slicing body fat. A stimulant-free way to boost your metabolism. Experience more daily energy, less workout fatigue. A healthier, leaner you!


Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Muscle Toner Benefits:
  • Anti-catabolic. Burn fat, not muscle
  • Boost metabolism
  • Converts fat to energy
  • Reduce workout fatigue, exercise harder
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system and overall health


Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Muscle Toner Ingredient Breakdown:

MCT Oil –helps convert fat to energy. Reduces lactic acid buildup,

L-Carnitine – lessens workout fatigue, boosts energy

EPA & DHA –supports a well-functioning cardiovascular system. Reduces inflammation and joint pain


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How To Take Sweat Ethic Omega Lean Muscle Toner:

Take two (2) Softgel in the morning with 8oz cold water. Take two (2) softgels in the evening with 8oz cold water. Do not consume more then four (4) softgels in a 24-hour period.



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