TinFold PUSH BCAA Hydration + Recovery Booster

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TinFold PUSH Hydration + Recovery Booster is the ultimate BCAA product on the market. Supporting muscular development and endurance, while increasing nutrient delivery. Take your workout to unmatched levels. Train harder, train longer.

This hydration mix is made to deliver electrolytes rapidly to your body. Up to 3x faster than typical sports drinks.


Tinfold Push BCAA Hydration + Recovery Booster Benefits:
  • Increased recovery

  • Enhanced nutrient delivery

  • Electrolyte complex for rapid hydration

  • Tasty Texas Tea Flavor


Tinfold Push BCAA Hydration + Recovery Booster Ingredient Breakdown

Leucine -  one of the most vital Amino Acids. It boosts endurance and strength, helping build lean muscle mass. Also, burns pesky body fat, while fighting muscle wasting  Promotes insulin and glucose uptake (benefits include lessened fatigue, fat loss, etc…)

Isoleucine - another crucial BCAA that controls glucose usage during exercise. This helps in energy production and enhances lean muscle mass

Valine - stimulates greater brain function and boosts immune system functioning.


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